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Piano Lessons And Music Theory

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Phone# 416 767-9747


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The Collins:

  Piano teacher Peter Ness has been such a wonderful inspiration to our son Logan! We are more than grateful for the love of music he has instilled in him. He is always so excited to go to his lessons. Ever since his early start at the age of 3 he has grown to love the piano more and more. Thank you and we will definitely be bringing in our other little one once he turns 3 too! We highly recommend Peter as a teacher to anyone looking to start off their child on a positive note!   

Megan O'Toole:

  Over the past year, I went from having never touched a piano to playing simple versions of some of my favourite classical tunes. Peter has been a patient and effective teacher, giving lessons that are both instructive and fun. By blending basic educational drills, such as scales and sight reading, with the longer-term study of more complex and interesting pieces, Peter ensures practice is not a chore, but something I am inherently motivated to pursue. Great teacher.

The Langs:

  Peter is the fourth piano teacher we have engaged and both we and the girls feel he has been the best one for them. We would highly recommend his lessons to any parent.

Dinshaw Patel:

  I just wanted to truly thank you for giving me such an excellent introduction into the world of playing the piano and reading music, If I had to ever recommend a teacher to others, it would definitely be you. Not only was the teaching methodical and progressive, but with your own mastery over the keyboard and your extensive knowledge covering the wide spectrum of western classical music, studying under your guidance was itself an inspiring experience.


  Thank you for another great year of piano lessons. I truly enjoyed learning more about jazz; syncopating songs, and adding little bits to make simple pieces much more interesting. I also liked doing some grade five songs as they were quite challenging and sounded beautiful once they were finished.

A Happy Mom:

  Peter is an exceptional piano teacher, whose passion for music is contagious. He taught my daughter a love of music that she will carry with her to adulthood.  I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for enriched lessons.

Jamie A.:

 I want to thank you for being an outstanding teacher and friend. You've helped me regain an appreciation for the piano and classical music in general. I feel like I have a good idea of the kinds of music I want to play and the level of difficulty I am comfortable with.

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