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The Benefits of Piano Lessons

  Why invest my time and money in piano lessons or music theory? Will it help my kids with their future endeavours outside of music?

  Recent research has shown that there are many benefits, such as increasing IQ, cognitive processing abilities, improving motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  Reading music may also help develop math skills, and proficiency in reading and comprehension. Piano lessons are especial useful in the development of those with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder. When kids achieve a skill through practice  they become further motivated to tackle new challenges. As students successfully learn new pieces there is a sense of self-achievement and confidence.  Music is also a great stress releaser and a means for self-expression.

  Learning to play a instrument can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. All piano lessons are prepared by tthe  teacher in advance for students to progress and achieve success. Teaching is tailored to the students’ abilities, interests and learning style. When possible, students get to choose their favourite songs, pieces and styles such as classical, popular or jazz. This approach provides students with a firm foundation and makes learning to play a natural and satisfying process that will stay with them for a lifetime.

  Parents have to believe in the importance of music lessons and see the potential benefits for their child. In order for the piano lessons to be successful parents, teacher and student must be on the same team with the same goals.

  Express any concerns and discuss your child’s progress with the piano teacher. The teacher usually only sees your child 30 - 60 minutes a week and relies on your support and feedback.

  A child who is ready to learn to play the piano and has parental support will very likely do well. Having a piano to practice on, a piano keyboard is an inexpensive option and will ensure progress between lessons Create an environment where a student is not afraid to practice for fear of disturbing others. Either have a dedicated music room or place where it will cause least disturbance in the home and has no noisy distractions Have a regular time each day that you expect assigned homework and practise time done.

  Parental support in the piano lesson is vitally important. Take the time to listen to your child play, whether you know anything about music or not.  Encouragement, rewards and praise are the motivations for students in all aspects of life and learning. Well timed words of encouragement and praise are essential for your student’s growth.

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